Hi everyone,

After using Magento 1 for a few years, I decided to upgrade one of my clients website to Magento 2 however, it was not an easy task to do as the overall architecture and code base has changed in M2. To be honest, I must say that Magento 2 is much easier to code compared to M1 but it will take a while to understand the structure and code base, and trust me you will face quite a few bugs and errors in the system.

Recently I noticed that on my client’s website, the mini cart stopped working and did not show any products in the popup. As a developer, I knew that the products were added in the system and I tested it by going directly to the checkout page: http://mywebsite.xyz/checkout/cart; so what I did was the following:

  1. Checked System.log and exception.log files
  2. Checked browser’s Developer’s network tabs to read the request/response
  3. Made sure that Magento was up to date because this issue was raised in Magento 2.0 and then Magento fixed it in Magento 2.1

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After upgrading Magento, the issue was still there so I did the very basic thing; I made sure that caching was disabled and then enabled it. After I enabled the cache, I realised that some of the blocks were invalidated so I flushed the cache storage and tested everything on the frontend again. Everything was normal and read to deploy to the production website.