Update 21:14 BST

Facebook is back online on some smart devices however, it is yet to be recovered on the desktop machines.


Update 21:11 BST

No official statement has been issued by Facebook yet. Hashtag #facebookdown is trending on Twitter worldwide.

Facebook servers have become inaccessible and the social media platform has gone down.

Something unusual has happened today, yes you got it right. Facebook has gone down and it is now inaccessible via the web and the smartphone applications. It is very unusual in the history of Facebook and now the question arises whether all our personal information is secure on it? Are we not an easy attack for the hackers? What Facebook will do to overcome this problem?

So far it’s been more than 20 mins since the website has become inaccessible and no official statement has been issued by the company.

Facebook is the largest social network platform with over 1 billion active users and considering the number of active users, Facebook must ensure that all its servers are running and they must ensure the security of the users’ personal information remains intact. Mind it that recently Facebook had the best day in the history of the company when more than 1 billion users were online at the same time all over the world.

Are you able to access Facebook in your region? Leave a comment here and let us know if you have any difficulties accessing it.